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The Chart of the Nuclides...

...presents the key nuclear properties of every known stable and radioactive form of each element. The Chart was developed by the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL). KAPL is operated for the Naval Reactors Program of the Department of Energy by Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation. The Chart has been compiled, edited and periodically revised by Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory scientists since 1956.

The Chart is a plot of nuclides, arranged with their atomic numbers along the vertical axis and their neutron number along the horizontal axis. Information such as masses, relative abundances, half-lives, neutron cross sections and decay properties, is given for more than 3,100 nuclides and 580 isomers. Color coding is used to emphasize half-lives and neutron absorption properties.

The Chart is available either as 40" x 70" wall chart, with accompanying booklet, or a bound 100 page book. Both contain:

- A short history of the development of the periodic table and earlier charts of the nuclides

- Detailed descriptions of the types of information given on the Chart

- A discussion of trends in stability and instability of nuclides on the Chart

- Unit conversion factors and values of fundamental physics constants

The Chart is a "must have" document for students and professionals in nuclear physics, chemistry, engineering and medicine.

The Seventeenth Edition of the Chart of the Nuclides is available now.