Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Careers at KAPL

KAPL is seeking qualified candidates for key positions to help fulfill our mission in support of the Naval Reactors Program.

Rachel Sanety Doug
"Coming out of college you're going to get an incredible project right off."
~ Rachel
"No matter what your background is, there is something at KAPL that will interest you."
~ Sanety

"When you see things going on abroad and in the national news, you get this feeling of being proud, realizing your work is directly related to helping the nation achieve its goals."
~ Doug

Career Opportunities at KAPL
KAPL offers career opportunities in many areas.

Current Available Positions
Search for current available positions, submit your resume, or apply for an open position using KAPL Job Search.

Student Internships
KAPL hires undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical work experience to their related field of study. If interested, candidates may submit their resume at one of our campus recruiting events.

Training Programs

  • Nuclear Operations Program - KAPL's Nuclear Operations Program (NOP) develops extensive technical knowledge and management skills in participating engineers. As a program participant, you will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of one of KAPL's two prototypes of submarine nuclear propulsion plants, and for training plant operators for the United States Nuclear Navy.
  • Leadership Development Program - KAPL's Leadership Development Program (LDP) develops a combination of technical and strategic leadership and interpersonal skills. The program's goal is to provide highly talented college graduates with the skills to assume positions of leadership through all levels of the organization. KAPL offers the LDP in Engineering and Finance.
  • KAPL Advanced Engineering Program - KAPL's Advanced Engineering Program is similar to the Leadership Development Program, except participants apply to be interviewed and chosen after approximately two years of employment at KAPL, rather than hired directly out of college.
  • Field Engineering - Engineers participating in KAPL's Field Engineering Program develop in-depth technical knowledge, leadership and systems integration skills in a dynamic, multi-organizational, hands-on production environment. As a program participant, you will be responsible for providing technical assistance and oversight for the safe conduct of all phases of the construction, test, maintenance, inactivation and disposal activities for nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers.
  • Fellowship Programs - KAPL is an approved practicum location for three separate Fellowship Programs: The Admiral Hyman Rickover Graduate Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering, the Department of Energy Nuclear Engineering Fellowship Program and the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program.


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